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My books.

This HumanThere are many great books about the design process, tools and methods. One missing aspect, almost in an ironic twist, is what it takes to be the person who is actually doing the designing. This Human is about that person.

This Human reaches out to those who are curious, open-minded and are seeking to become masterful in their craft of designing meaningful alternate realities for humanity. The book empowers people to maximise the impact of their work by unveiling the mindsets that occur, and need to occur, to ensure this level of impact can be manifested in the world.

The person who needs to observe to gain insight, to makes sense of their observations in a way that isn’t biased by their own world views. The person who needs to communicate in many different ways with many different intentions to communicate information which is often hard to access, difficult to grasp and just not that tangible. The person who is so passionate about having a positive impact they become exhausted one third of the way into their project. This book helps these people to learn more about themselves and how to think and be in their practice—to grasp all that is going on inside that then influences their creations.

We need to make the most of our ability to have genuine and long lasting impact, during our lifetime and beyond.

Ready for reading March 2017 | Pre-sales available here.

Modern Anthology Series—When we decided to create the Modern Anthology series we had aspirations for it to be an authentic gift to the world. A gift that contained stories of real people, willing to share a precious glimpse into their lives. A gift that provides a sense of identity, of connectedness, and insight for current and future generations. All contributors, across the whole series, answer one single question:

‘What does it mean to be you right now?’

We have two books that have started a journey of an ever evolving anthology series, giving a voice to people of all ages to express authentic, raw experiences.

The first collection, Au·then·tic is a modern woman’s anthology launched in January 2016. Au·then·tic is a collection of real stories from remarkable women around the world that describe what it is like to be them in their life, right this moment. A book that houses raw, unedited powerful voices of women so that our younger generation can connect with the truth and authenticity of a real woman’s voice, rather than the edited and socially tuned versions they have access to on the web. A lot of what is out there in the media is sanitised, made socially acceptable, on trend and safe. We hope that Au·then·tic will provide insight into the feelings, sensibilities and learnings we experience as we dance through life.

The second collection, Raw is a modern men’s anthology launched in December 2016. From the light and into the shadows, Raw is filled with deeply personal, genuine stories, reflections, artistic expressions that are incredibly powerful and moving. And done so with integrity, artistry, love and sensitivity. We hope you enjoy spending time with these men, they range in age from early twenties to late seventies and their contributions provide insight into the changing life challenges and perspectives as we grow in age, experience and wisdom.

The difficult, the uncomfortable, the sad and the awkward are huge parts of the full story. —Andrew Prestage

Both available now—limited editions


My collaborations.


with Kristina Aagaard

Huddle Academy—Huddle Academy designs and delivers experiential learning programs introducing the mindset, skill set and toolset of human-centred design. The intention is to enable participants to embody and build capability in the principles of human-centred design empowering them to lead human-centricity in their lives and organisations. Huddle Academy supports people adopting a different mindset so you can lead the charge for large organisations by enabling them to be different. Design underpins all our programs. Design uses whole brain thinking and doing to create new futures. It enables you to engage with a future that focuses on solving complex and ambiguous issues where people and change are the only constants. Huddle Academy enables you to transform how you see, interact and intervene in the world and act with intention to close the gap between what is and what can be.

To DO different things, you must THINK differently. To THINK differently, you must BE different.

Huddle LABS—Where Huddlers Learn and Build Stuff, LABS’ aim is to prototype humankind’s future through purpose-guided practice, play, research and collaboration. LABS practitioners embody a new practice of collaborative creation through the confluence of humankind, technology and environment. We trust emergence and act with generative intent. We prototype new economies in complex human system which are truly derived from, and in service to, our deep human values and interconnected existence. We’re helping humankind rebalance what, how and why we value what we do. Think: systems, complexity, human-centred, values, purposeful capital.

We can only significantly alter what it means to be in business if we disrupt what we value.

Huddle Foundation—A social enterprise committed to enhancing human potential. Huddle Foundation is bringing together the potential of our funding partners with the creativity of our community of design practitioners to empower social enterprises to develop human-centred solutions to our generation’s most pressing challenges. Its intention is to provide a platform where these communities of people can pool their resources to create alternate realities that improve conditions for humanity. Huddle Foundation sits at the heart of this model, bringing these groups together to build capability within enterprises to conceive, design and implement meaningful, human-centred solutions to problems that have generational impact.

Making a positive change to humanity. Designing desired futures. Reimagining our realities. Helping people be the best that they can be in the circumstances they find themselves in. This is our drive. Access to education, to health, to shelter, to safety, to freedom.

This is our focus.