Meaningful Leadership.

I offer Executive Coaching, one-on-one sessions exploring reflective practice and self awareness.

Each journey is expressly individual. It is an extensive tailored program designed to further develop and enhance leadership and management skills in order to take the organisation to the next level. In particular: strategic thinking, designing the organisation’s next steps, delegating effectively and manage a more senior team to help achieve these goals. Some of what you will discover entails:

  • An exploration of personal work purpose.
  • Envisioning the future and creating a personal vision trajectory.
  • Uncovering the role of imagination in leadership.
  • Having crucial conversations with integrity, courage, commitment and empathy.
  • Human connection, what it is and how it works.
  • Knowing who you are ultimately in service of and why.
  • Understanding free will, power, authority and strengthening these in line with purpose and relentless delivery.
  • Exploring desire, passion and pleasure in the realm of work.
  • Fulfilling commitments, establishing a strong power of your word.


Self awareness is a crucial ingredient to mastery in any pursuit. This coaching focuses on establishing leadership practices that are conducive to leading in a truly human-centric organisation. An essential part of becoming this type of leader requires a new practice to be established as a discipline. This discipline is a fundamental platform for change and an essential practice of effective leadership.

To book some time with me, head over to This Human where I offer coaching as part of my Deep Leadership Series.

Reflective practice is used in many pursuits that require performance at the highest level. What we aspire to achieve in establishing authentic leadership is going to require these disciplines to be established and honoured.

The program also includes curated reference materials: journal articles, case studies, movies, audio books, events (excursions); preparation and post session analysis and synthesis; published notes; materials; reflections and reviews.



What’s inside,

manifests outside.

Dr Senova has a gift of enabling people to break out of traditional mindsets and create meaningful change in themselves, their teams and the world around them.

This has seen her become a pioneer in human-centred design, a founder of a global strategic design firm, a highly-regarded and enterprising thought leader, mentor and advisor to CEOs and Executive Leaders.

Dr Senova is steadfast in her passion and purposefully fosters an environment around her that inspires people to dream and explore, allowing them to shine and develop their own capabilities as leaders, disrupters and visionaries.


To book some time with me, head over to This Human where I offer coaching as part of my Deep Leadership Series.