Get to know Melis.

An inspirational leader committed to making a positive change to humanity. Focussed on the power of design for the transformation of service, culture, communities and business.

Melis is a well known thought-leader in human-centred design, founder of strategic design consultancy, Huddle and author of This Human. Melis is a recognised executive coach working locally and internationally, she is also the founder of Huddle Academy, a school focussed on building creative problem solving capabilities for individuals and organisations.

Melis brings multiple disciplines to her practice of human-centred design. She is a biomedical engineer, a published author in peer reviewed journals in the field of Neuroscience (study of brain dynamics using brain imaging), and Audio Engineering (understanding the equivalence of virtual 3D audio to human hearing in the natural environment).

Melis is a member of Creative Victoria’s Creative State Advisory Board, a member of the Victorian State Government’s Innovation Expert Panel, and a member of the advisory board for A Vision for Australia—a series of Annual Economic Summits hosted by Global Access Partners.

We are the artist and the art. We get to choose how we paint this life we live and how that then transforms who we are. Melis Senova


Melis has been advocating human-centred design in many different contexts since 1999. She has devoted her career to understanding how to better design experiences that are tailored towards those who will be exposed to them.

Whether this was reducing visual workload for FA-18 and F-111 pilots through designing 3D Audio displays; or through improving the rear visibility of drivers for the model Territory Ford by implementing the first rear camera system in Australia, or by bringing a human lens to emerging technology through experience design and prototyping at Telstra’s Chief Technology Office, she is, and has been, devoted to improving conditions for people.

Melis is the author of This Human a book about what it takes to be the person designing for other people. A book for people who are determined to have meaningful and long lasting impact with their work.

In starting Huddle she has created the beginnings of a legacy and ecosystem of companies and organisations all geared towards better design for people.