What it takes to make impact: the hidden commitments 

photo Melis ad for NewCo Melbourne

Excited for Huddle to be hosting NewCo Melbourne 2017.

Come check out our vibrant new space and join Melis in discussion on
 What it takes to make impact and how our awareness of ‘hidden commitments’ affects our ability to… gather new perspectives and insights and to pivot, to see possibilities, to ensure our design works within its context, and to ultimately create innovative solutions that positively impact people and the planet. 

Be empowered to maximise the impact of your work by unveiling a key awareness that’s required to ensure this level of impact can be manifested in the world.

Are you curious and want to become masterful in your craft of designing meaningful alternate realities for humanity? Discover six key hidden commitments and how to step into them with awareness and power. Details on how to get involved here.


What it takes to make impact: the hidden commitments
Thursday, 23 November 2017 | 12:30 – 13:15
Huddle Level 4, 45 William Street, Melbourne



NewCo Australia: 30+ of Melbourne’s most innovative and purpose driven companies open their doors and share their knowledge with you!⠀
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