Excited to announce our first immersion into This Human. Melis will be facilitating a series of workshops that let you dive into its pages. Explore both conceptual and practical insights for working effectively with self and in service of others. The first exploration is the Hidden Impact of Beliefs.


As human-centred and customer-centred leaders, we often face an ongoing challenge of balancing the conflicting priorities of our business, our customers and the people inside our organisation.

Leading in a human-centred way, in the face of the predominant thinking and culture, is challenging, confronting, sometimes lonely, and often tests our core values and beliefs.

Our beliefs are like an operating system. They are the framework for how we experience life. They inform how we process information and draw meaning from the things we experience.

As humans, we go through life collecting beliefs. And often, we don’t stop to consider whether the collection of these beliefs is allowing us to reach our potential as people.

In this workshop, taking insights from her latest book, This Human, Melis guides you through exposing and understanding your beliefs, and learning how to hack your own operating system. In this way you ensure your beliefs are in service of you, and your organisation.

Knowing beliefs are truths we’ve created about ourselves and the world we perceive is liberating. Learning how to uncover and reset beliefs empowers you to achieve more for people.

Through this work, Melis helps you unlock a new perspective on how to lead in a human centred way.

The Hidden Impact of Beliefs is a 4-hour workshop spread over two nights: 

  • Session one: Wednesday, 19 April
  • Session two: Wednesday, 26 April
  • Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm AEST
  • Venue: Huddle L6, 90 William Street, Melbourne
  • Retailing at $290, we are offering an introductory price of $250.
  • This also includes a copy of This Human for you to immerse yourself in!
  • Tickets available through Eventbrite.

There are limited spaces, so be sure to book your seat early!