The Huddle Show: This Human behind the scenes

Melis and Caitlyn recording podcast

The Huddle Show is Huddle’s podcast about design, people, service design, strategic design, meaningful work, humanity and just a whole bunch of stuff the Huddle team find interesting. Melis features in the following:

Episode Thirty-Five – This Human


Exploring insights into Melis’ new book, This Human, and the stories that informed it.

The world needs people who care, who are deeply concerned about the state of things and want to do something about it. If we are to head out there into the world and re-wire the systems that contribute to the challenges facing humanity, we need to be Olympic Grade athletes at what we do. These challenges are tricky, they take commitment, resilience and determination. To get there we need to commit to doing the work ourselves.

In Melis’ recent book, she focuses on the individual human—THIS HUMAN—because if you can become a master in this work, then we have another powerful creator amongst us, working towards creating a world of abundance and equality. Huddler Caitlyn interviews Melis on her journey in creating the book.

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