Celebrating the arrival of This Human

celebrating with author arrival of book: This Human

It was wonderful to recently celebrate the arrival of advanced copies of Melis’ new book, This Human. It has been an honour to work alongside such a passionate and talented team of people, not to mention the author and illustrator of this amazing book. If I may say so! 😉 It has been beautifully designed and is full of insight.

Even though it was written with human-centred designers in mind, it is a book anyone can dive into and emerge with renewed reflections and discoveries of themselves.

As Melis will attest, the world needs people who care, who are deeply concerned about the state of things and want to do something about it. This Human is for those people—people who are determined to have impact with their work. 

This Human describes the thinking and being required to take on the biggest challenges facing humanity in order to reimagine a shared reality for all living things on this planet. It is a practical approach to the application of human-centred design tools and methods to ensure our work is truly meaningful. If we are here to change things to be more sustainable, abundant and equitable for everyone, we need to give the current paradigm a decent shake up and create an alternative. And it starts with us.

Impactful design is not just an intellectual activity it is an activity that requires all of you.—Melis Senova

If we are going to re-wire the systems that contribute to the challenges that face humanity, we need resilience. We need to be Olympic Grade athletes at what we do. This takes commitment, determination and real grit.

Stack of books titled This Human


For us to have a meaningful impact on this planet and on the beings on and within it, we need to unleash our imaginations in meaningful ways so we can dream up a better reality for all. It really is that simple‚ and that important.—Melis Senova

For more information on This Human, or how to get a copy,  check it out here.