Raw—Authentic, genuine, voice of men

We are pleased to present the second instalment in the Modern Anthology series, this time from the voice of men. Welcome to Raw. 

We recently had the great pleasure of launching Raw in both Melbourne and Amsterdam celebrating the amazing men who contributed and made this book possible. In line with the Modern Anthology series, Raw is collection of authentic stories and reflections from inspirational men capturing what it means to be them in their life, right at this very moment in time. Ranging in age from early twenties to late seventies; they’re artists, businessmen, fathers, radicals…sharing insights from real life experiences for the next generation to be able to connect with.

Our experiences add depth and perspective to the palette with which we paint our lives.—Martin Hemmingway

As it was with the making of Au•then•tic, it has been an absolute honour to work on this collaboration with over 50 amazing men, representing 10 countries across five continents. We are indebted to these wonderful men who generously contributed to the creation of this book. Consistent with the title, their stories are kept in original form, and provide intimate expressions of lived experiences through word, art, image and music. From the light and into the shadows their stories are incredibly powerful and moving. As you immerse yourself further into the book what emerges is the changing life challenges and perspectives that come to light as we grow in age, experience and wisdom.

I believe that I cannot interact with the universe without the universe interacting with me—and that every interaction will inevitably change me.—Mark Morand


Raw is available for AUD$40+postage. For more information about purchasing books please click here.

We are pleased to announce that all proceeds from Raw will be donated to The Pollination Project, an international organisation providing grants to inspiring social change-makers who would not likely qualify for funding from other foundations or institutions.

As we are deeply interconnected to all life, we play an integral role in supporting or obstructing its ability to thrive, through our thoughts, words, and deeds. Every person has the potential and power to transform our world, and that change starts with ourselves.—The Pollination Project