Breaking the silence

Girl wearing virtual reality headset

It has been a few months since you’ve heard from me. I have been finalising my book, This Human, which is now finished and will be out in early March this year.

It seems a lot happened in 2016. I feel like I’m still catching my breath. The profile of the year has made me reflect on why I write about reimagining realities. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Everything comes to an end.

We lost a lot of amazing talent last year and I wonder whether yesteryear was just like every other year, but we noticed it more. Or if it was actually a bizarre concentration of the death of significantly talented contributors to our popular culture.

We’re also seeing the end of a style of leadership that is quiet, respectful, considered and elegant. And a different style is gaining popularity globally, one that is loud, obnoxious, ill-considered and crudely aggressive. It doesn’t help us to label this as good or bad. It doesn’t help us to increase the division between my opinion and yours. What will help is if we collectively start imagining a future that we can all live in, together.

If you’re a human, then you have this responsibility. You belong to the species that wields the most impact on every other living being on this planet.

Right and wrong doesn’t exist.

The more I witness this life, the more I am convinced there is no right or wrong. Opposing perspectives can exist at the same time in the minds of two people who have experienced the same event. For as long as we spend time competing over whose perspective is right or wrong, we are not creating the future we can both exist in.

Your opinion is yours and you have a right to it. What you do with it will either help or hinder our ability as a species to create miraculous, abundant futures for every being on this planet. Every single decision you make about how you act upon your opinions affects your reality and that of those around you. Imagine if we all lived that deliberately.

We create our reality.

It will be the most powerful reality creators amongst us that will tip the scale toward the nature of reality we all experience. If those driven by fear and power are the ones who are the most successful at creating the reality they desire, then we will need to work just as hard to create the alternative.

What you believe informs how you make sense of the world.

What you think, you create. 

Be vigilant of your thoughts and remember, you are in control of your experience of this life. You can change your reality by changing your thoughts.


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