Status Quo—friend or foe?

As a closet renegade, I’m generally of the opinion that the status quo is a foe. That the systems, processes, rules and regulations are designed to maintain it. To keep things exactly the way they are. And if things were great, perhaps that wouldn’t be a bad thing… but things aren’t that great at the moment.

I recently had a conversation that had me think about my general dislike for the status quo. My quiet rage against the machine. Her perspective was a little more ‘zen’ as she put it. That she was more interested in flowing with the status quo, to weave in and around, and through, making change on the way. This actually sits more comfortably with my constitution.

And to be honest, the status quo is a foe that needs to respected. Thinking that it is wrong, or stupid, or old and out dated certainly doesn’t set us quiet renegades up for success. It automatically makes us righteous, as if we know any better, and that makes us the same as those who created the very thing we are trying to rethink.

So what would happen if we made status quo our friend? That we treated it with respect and tried to truly understand why and how it ended up this way, and deliberately, meaningfully, empathically created an alternative? I think this approach will result in something more interesting, not the new status quo, but perhaps status flo? too much? Almost. 😉


Featured image credit Florian Plag Image Licence Creative Commons