Authenticity again

I just can’t seem to get enough of this topic. It is a word and a concept that is getting more and more air time which is a great thing. Though I wonder whether we all mean the same thing when we use the term. As with most things, probably not.

So I thought I’d share my perspective of what authenticity means to, and requires of, me.

The ability to choose to surrender into what is, or what may be, when your context is beyond comprehension (and knowing that, when you play big, most of the time it is).

When we are in a situation that is complex and our values are compromised it is easier to stay quiet and comply than to stand for something not knowing what is on the other side of making that stand. This is where the ability to surrender comes into play.

The absolute awareness that you have within you the ability to transcend the common lore. That you do not have to play by the book and that ultimately you have agency in the reality you create for yourself (and so for others).

Believing that your thoughts can affect your feelings and behaviours, and knowing that you are not your thoughts. This creates the freedom within the ability to craft the thoughts that create the reality you desire.

To be true to you, you need to know you. This means all things about you, your purpose, beliefs, personality, motivations, strengths, weaknesses.

We spend most of our time trying to make sense of things outside of ourselves. We tend to be reluctant to spend time making sense of things inside of ourselves. And sometimes feel ill equipped to do a good job of either! Spending time with ourselves and doing the work to understand how we tick is an essential aspect of authenticity. If you don’t know who you are, how can you know when you’re being authentic?

That because you know how to, it is your responsibility to take an active part in shaping your own beliefs and then to be willing to act on them.

Often our beliefs are subconscious yet still acting in the background influencing our perceptions and choices. Knowing that this is the case, is the first step to enquire about whether they still serve you, or the world. And if they don’t, perhaps it’s worthwhile to change them.