The Huddle Show: Huddle Foundation

This is Huddle’s podcast about design, people, service design, strategic design, meaningful work, humanity and just a whole bunch of stuff the Huddle team find interesting. Melis features in the following:

Episode Seventeen – Huddle Foundation

Six years in the making at Huddle, Roy and Annie are spearheading Huddle Foundation, a nexus of design, philanthropy and social enterprise, where meaningful work and doing good all take a step out of the corporate world and explore even bigger and broader horizons. Melis explores a notion about “slow design” (think of slow food) and how it may be a great stance and approach to take when helping communities. Also, Melis listens to a book (how does one listen to a book?) and spends some time jumbling things up; Roy declares that “fun-ness (q.v.) can be seriousness” and Annie asks what word we might use that includes all life, not just humanity, when we’re thinking about our future.

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