Being authentic is not conditional

I have an allergy to inauthenticity. My throat constricts, my eyebrows knit together, my breathing becomes shallow, my shoulders get tense and my mind closes to possibility.

In the work of human centricity, authenticity gets a lot of air play, along with its co star, empathy. In any human relationship, both of these traits are incredibly important for real connection and understanding between two people.

Though there is something quite curious about authenticity that I’d like to explore.

I feel there is a relationship we have with authenticity that is a bit ‘nice’. And what I mean by that, is that authenticity is seen to be a good thing… as long as that expressed authenticity fits within what we accept.

As people we are very quick to judge what is acceptable or not acceptable behaviour. For me, authenticity is unconditional. I am interested in all aspects of you, not just the good bits. I would much prefer someone who is authentic and expressing aspects of their personalities that are gritty, raw and challenging, than spending time with someone who is doing all the right things, but not meaning any of it.

There is a peace I feel when someone is being authentic with me, regardless of what is expressed. I feel that we can connect and discuss the real issues, without judgement. And from this place, anything is possible.
—Melis Senova

From the perspective of crafting our own realities, one ingredient for a lasting and freeing reality for ourselves is authenticity. Being true to who you really are, the good stuff and the bad, the light and the shadow, the attractive and the repulsive. Having the courage and will to show the world yourself, in full colour is my definition of freedom. And I’ll admire your authenticity, no matter what those colours are. Man on a hill walking into the sunset