The artist and the art

During my recent chitty chitty bang bang tours around the globe I have had considerable time to think. This thinking time is precious and I have realised something. My work is my creative expression. As I engage with my work, I too am affected and changed.

Many times in my life I have heard the phrase “you are the artist and the art” and I’ve nodded politely not really knowing what message was hidden in such a profound statement. I understand now how this relates to me … a non-artist in the traditional sense.


As the artist, my work is about the expression of my meaningful contribution to humanity. My medium is people, my craft is human centred design and my context is provided by those I collaborate with. Because I am interested in designing meaningful realities for people, no two projects are the same. They are the result of what inspires me at the time, that resonates meaningfully for those who I am in service of, and with whom I collaborate.

And as the art, I morph and change as a result of those interactions and experiences. I am affected, coloured, molded by the journey and the outcome of my work. I am never exactly the same as when I first started the work and always grateful for the change. And I often have no idea what transformation is going to take place, but welcome its emergent nature.

I think this is true for the way we live our lives. We are the artist and the art. We get to choose how we paint this life we live and how that then transforms who we are.