Reimagining reality

Mirror image of a person

My relationship with reality is odd. Some people might see this as akin to having a ‘loose grip on reality’, which the last time I checked, isn’t really a compliment.

I think it’s important I talk about why this is the tag line for this website. Reimagining reality is not about living in an irrelevant dream world that others cannot participate in. It is about being clear about the relationship we have with our own realities.

Realities are perceived. They are not absolute. This is the good news! Our perceived (or experienced) realities are created via our thoughts, that lead to emotions, that curate our experience. (Sometimes the emotion comes first but let’s not get picky.) Changing our thoughts, changes our emotions which then change our experience and so our reality.

The intention behind this is to provide an alternative to what might be experienced today. I often here the term ‘the reality is …’ and often it is used as a reason for NOT being about to do something, or change something. Our reality is what we choose it to be.

The reality is what it is now, because we set it up that way! Humans are the most powerful creative creatures on this planet. We create our own reality all the time and then we forget that we did.

So if you don’t like your current reality as you are experiencing it, remember you have the power to change it.