Why it is so IMPORTANT to think BIG.

A silhouetted man sitting on a cliff

I view design as two currents of energy that flow through the body, much like the energy flow as described by the chakra system. There is an upward energy flow, which takes us from the real world to insight, current of enlightenment; and there is a downward energy flow, which takes us from insight into something manifested in the real world, current of manifestation. In this current we go from idea, which exists in the realm of possibility through all the different levels of manifestation to something concrete in the real world.

We often limit our ideas by what we think is likely in our current perceived reality. Thoughts like, “My organisation will never get this”, or “my partner will never support this”, or “I don’t think I can do it”. Whatever the limiting beliefs are, we are very quick to make our thinking small. And from that small place, as we move through manifestation, our thinking necessarily gets smaller and smaller. It’s as if our ideas necessarily need to get more condensed as they get closer to reality.

I have been reading a book by Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman called Creating on Purpose. It uses the Chakra system to describe how we energetically create reality from ideas. It seems we start with possibility, the pure idea, we then mold that into a probability, we craft likely outcomes from this probability that then result in solid certainties. These certainties are the visible, experiential aspects of our shared reality. As we go through the manifestation cycle, and as our ideas become closer and closer to becoming real, they necessarily get more and more condensed, or smaller.

If we start with small ideas and small thinking, we will always end up with something smaller than where we started.Melis Senova

If we allow ourselves to start with the big ideas, and then transmute that idea through possibility, to probability, to certainty, we’ll still end up with something substantial at the end. In other words, the power and scale of your ideas is directly linked to the power and scale of your manifestations.