Ideas and reality whetstones.

Chefs in a kitchen

We often hold onto our ideas for fear of them being criticised, ridiculed or just plain stolen. The hesitation we have of communicating loosely formed ideas, deprives us of the opportunity to sharpen and hone them. Just like the blade of a knife needs to draw against a whetstone for it to become sharper, so too do our ideas.

In the realm of ideas though, being so conceptual and ethereal, what then is the equivalent of the whetstone? What might be the appropriate medium for us to draw against to sharpen our ideas? Really, the only worthy candidate is the expression of other people’s realities, comprised of their own unique assumptions and perspectives.

There is an art to sharing ideas in a way that evokes the opinions and counter of others in a way that deliberately improves our idea from its original form. And it is more in the listening, than it is in the asking.

If we take the perspective that they have a frame of reference that is valuable the more different it is from ours, the more valuable it is for sharpening our idea. As soon as we make the discussion about right or wrong, better or worse, or any other dichotomy, we’ll lose sight of the gift that comes from sharing and sharpening ideas.

Share your ideas, often and soon, and let the whetstone of other people’s realities sharpen them into existence.