Designing for the FUTURE to make this nation a great one.

Two people standing at the water's edge looking out toward the horizon

We often expend considerable amounts of energy planning, designing and establishing purposeful vision for our businesses, but this significant approach is often not considered in the realm of a nation. Perhaps it’s because we don’t feel as individuals that we can make a difference or have a voice in defining our nation’s desired future state.

For the reasons that having a sense of purpose and an articulated vision is essential as a uniting platform for business, it is equally as important for the citizens of Australia. In a time where our government has been in flux and lacking inspirational leadership, we need to collaborate and establish what it means to be an Australian. How might we create a nation that engages its citizens in its development and growth, one that positively impacts lives, transforms communities, generates value for people and advances and sustains us? These are the questions that I hope we will answer as we establish the vision for Australia:

  • How can we become a meaningful nation?
  • What is Australia’s purpose, our values, our sense of responsibility?
  • What do we stand for and want to be perceived as a people?
  • How do we want the international community to experience us as a nation?
  • How might we establish our unique differentiation on a global scale manifesting a culture that other nations aspire to?
  • What is our unfair advantage as a nation? And how are we playing to our strengths?

There are many more pertinent questions that I am sure will emerge through this process from the wonderful minds and hearts who will be participating in this initiative.A busy hall of moving people If we are to make this nation a great one, one that is known in history to be ‘one of the greats’, we need to establish a united sense of purpose, passion and belief in what we stand for as a collective. We as human beings, sharing this part of the world can craft and deliberately design this future. We just need to choose to do so. Posted on Vision for Australia featured forum